What is Sex Coaching?


Goal oriented and personalized sexual education towards a more authentic you!

Mixture of sexology and life coaching...

Sex coaching utilizes aspects of traditional sexology to explain by what physiological components individuals and couples may have arrived at a particular blockage.  From here, principles in life coaching illuminate the pathway toward the stated goals of the client with the sex coach acting as a guide.


Self Love?

Experience lucid sexuality through the practice of self-pleasure.


Reveal your personalized path.

Pleasure Potential?

Discover yours.


Mind:  negative-self talk, fantasy patterns, information

Emotions:  suppressed and expressed feelings, past wounds

Body:  body image, anatomy and physiology, sexual function concerns

Energy :  building up of sexual energy, how to use it, identifying patterns

Spirit:  self, transcendent sexual moments

MEBES© Model

Dr. Norelyn uses the Mebes© Model to address the sexuality concerns of her clients.  It was created by Dr. Patti Britton, and is being used widely across the field of Sex Coaching.   The model considers the 5 different aspects of ourselves that are fundamentally linked to reaching our full sexual potential. By addressing each of these and how they relate to one another we are able to identify potential blockages.  Individualized action plans to clear the pathway towards our sexual goals can then be made.



Sex Coaching Vs. Therapy

The framework for sex coaching offers individualized support for the client's journey to their sexual goals.  Typically, sex coaching works at a faster-pace than traditional therapy because while it does acknowledge the individual's past, coaching sets clear goals and is client and results focused.  The Mebes Model addresses the individual and couple holistically and is a de-pathologizing and non-medical model.  In addition, while therapy is a mental health practice, sex coaching emphasizes sexual health and wellness through authenticity, re-framing, negative patterns, and the exploration through sexual expression.




In summary, Sex Coaching can is a versatile modality that creates a safe space for clients to discuss a wide range of sexual concerns in an environment that is de-stigmatizing, de-pathologizing, and non-medicalized.  Sex Coaching allows for a creative space that invites the client and coach to embark on a journey towards sexual authenticity and enhanced pleasure.

The possibilities are endless!