Dr. Norelyn Parker

Journey to Sexuality

I was raised in Cordelia, California at the foot of rolling hills and amidst high speed valley winds.

In my early teens, I began reading the work of sensual writers and poets such as Francesca Lia Block, Erica Jong, and Anais Nin.  Soon enough, I was experimenting with writing my own poetry and reading academic human sexuality literature by my mid-teens.  This quickly grew into a deep reverence for human sexual expression and intimacy.

I have relocated to California after splitting the last 10 years between Virginia and Stuttgart, Germany.  During the 3 years I spent in Germany, I was fortunate enough to meet many passionate people working in the field of human sexuality.  My favorite memories of my time there are of experiences in the underground kink scene, tantric spas, and 4-day music festivals in Romania and Slovakia.

I am passionate about the world of movement which I have explored through Martial Arts, dance, yoga, and rock climbing.  All of which have influenced my understanding of the energizing power of breath and how cultivating this physiological process can influence all aspects of ourselves including our sexuality.




My educational background began with the intention to become a nurse as I was interested in helping individuals with their health.  After completing a pre-nursing program, I found that I was professionally interested in a career in human sexuality.  This led to me studying Psychology at Capella University and focusing my studies further into how I could help with individual sexual concerns.

I am now a Professional Sex Coach certified through Sex Coach U and I hold a PhD from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality.  I am also a Certified Sexological Bodyworker through the European Academy of Somatic Education.

I attended the Advanced Fuller School of Massage Therapy in Virginia Beach.  The idea of obtaining a certification in massage came after completing the international sexological bodywork training as a way to holistically address sexuality concerns related to general stress and anxiety.


Coaching Passions

The Journey between client and coach

The versatile model that sex coaching utilizes allows me to work with all different types of clients and concerns.  Being creative and flexible is a huge component of the coaching process.  With that being said, I am extremely passionate about working with military couples and individuals, those new to consensual non-monogamy, those looking to explore the vast realm of KINK, and everyone in the midst!  In addition, I have recently found that I am passionate about helping both women (and men!) explore a more positive relationship with the menstruation cycle.  A relationship that recognizes the beauty in menstruation by exploring the ebb and flow of creative energy throughout the cycle and the ways in which pleasure is experienced through the different 'seasons' of our cycles.