Intake forms provide a good foundation for the client-coach relationship.



Thought Provoking



Why they are important:

The following forms will act as the starting point for our work together.  By answering them to the best of your ability, I get a better idea of what has motivated you to seek out a coach and facilitates the creation of a basic action plan outline.  I would ask couples to answer their forms individually.  As a reminder, these forms are confidential and no information from one partner will be shared with the other without permission.  Answer them as detailed as you would like but keep in mind, the more the better!  They are designed to encourage introspective thought and address aspects of sexual potential that you might not have thought of before.

Please invite yourselves to enjoy this experience by taking the time to make this special.  They are not meant to be stressful but simply a way to open up the dialogue between client and coach.  Enjoy with your favorite cup of tea or coffee, a good playlist, and in a comfortable space....


Intake Form Descriptions:



The coaching form acts as a brief history, as well as current sexual identities, any current concerns, and sexual "turn-ons".  It closes with a few questions regarding your goals for our work together and a mission statement of commitment to your sexual journey.


Solo-love & Results

The purpose of the Solo-loving Questionnaire is for the client to consider their typical self-pleasuring patterns.  By doing so, the client takes note of aspects of self-pleasure they may never have thought of before and will have a clearer idea of the possibilities of enhancement in this aspect of sexuality.  The Results Questionnaire is a brief intake form that assesses using the numbers '1-5' to scale what aspects of self-pleasure are of higher priority than others.


Military & Long Distance

This form is specifically for couples that are currently in a long-term distance relationship that experiences frequent periods of both scheduled and unscheduled physical separations.  It will help give me an idea of the current situational factors that may be effecting you and your partner intimately.