I approach all sexual concerns holistically using a background in massage and bodywork with the sex coaching model at the core.


Action Plans

Sex Coaching

Somatic Education

Sexological Bodywork


Traditional Massage


While touch-based sexuality work is not a component of my current sessions, sexological bodywork (SB) influences my work greatly as this certification gave me valuable hands-on experience with therapeutic intimate massage.  Through the use of models and supplementary materials, I teach SB techniques to couples and individuals when applicable to the particular concern or interest.  Some examples of SB education are specific breathing techniques and patterns that can be applied during self-pleasure or partner-pleasure, physical solo and partnered homework assignments with journaling, and intimate pleasure techniques.


How a typical session works:


1.  Intake/Review

Prior to our first session, it is ideal that an intake form be filled out which includes questions on basic sexual history and your initial goal/intent for seeking coaching.


2.  Concerns

Following a review of the intake form, your initial concerns will be discussed using the MEBES model as a framework to uncover the potential blockages.  An action-plan will be developed that may involve homework assignments that will reach your sexual and intimacy goals.


3. Take-away and action plan

Every session will close with a few minutes dedicated to the 'take-aways' from the session and a review of the revised action-plan.  It is always my intention to help you reach your goal as quickly as possible.  At the same time, both client and coach must stay mindful that certain concerns did not arise overnight and so neither will the blockages be removed as such.