To become lucid is to be luminous and bright.  It is to find clarity and authenticity from moments of confusion and doubt and to be free from blockages.


Becoming Sexually Lucid

Lucidity can be described in terms of wakefulness within the dream state, mental clarity from the midst of confusion, or as being bright or luminous.  When applied to sexuality, it describes the experience of sexual expression that is holistically informed, self-actualized, and easily communicated to partners.


"Every person deserves to and can have the sexual aspects of one’s life become realized; every person also has the obligation to take responsibility for their sexual actions and the impact on self, others and the global environment"

— Sex Coach U Manifesto


My Mission

My goal is to assist individuals to feel, learn, and realize their full potential as sexual beings through mindful acceptance and somatic education.  This is achieved through individually tailored action plans based on clear sexual goals.









"People do not get rid of parts of themselves as sexual beings; they learn how to embrace and accept those aspects of self."

-Sex Coach U Manifesto


Get Coached

Whether or not you have a current sexual concern, are looking to enhance general sexual pleasure, explore new avenues of sexuality, or simply check-in with yourself intimately, sex coaching can provide a goal-oriented session plan to meet your needs.

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